Chapter 3: Monitoring

For an online system in production, "observability" is important. Real-time monitoring of an online system can identify flaws or performance issues before they affect users on a large scale. This chapter will introduce how to monitor the Gorse recommender system for logs and metrics, with the logs capturing abnormal events and the metrics monitoring observing the performance of the system. This chapter will only introduce some key configurations, for a complete configuration sample please refer to the official demo project GitRec.

The overview architecture of monitoring infrastructure is as follows:

  • Gorse nodes write logs to log files.
  • Promtail reads logs from the file and pushes them to Loki.
  • Prometheus scrapes metrics from Gorse nodes.
  • Grafana visualizes logs from Loki and metrics from Prometheus in dashboards.

Section 3.1 Setup Monitoring Infrastructures introduces how to setup monitoring infrastructures for Gorse recommender system.