The server node provides RESTful APIs with documents under the apidocs path. If the address of the server's RESTful API service is, then the URL of the document is

Data Interfaces

There are operations on user/item/feedback data.

POST/userInsert a user
DELETE/userDelete a user and all associated feedback
GET/user/{user-id}Get a user
GET/usersGet all users
POST/itemInsert an item
DELETE/itemDelete an item
GET/item/{item-id}Get an item and delete all related feedback
GET/itemsGet all items
POST/feedbackBatch insert feedbacks
GET/feedbackGet all feedbacks
GET/user/{user-id}/feedback/{feedback-type}Get user feedback
GET/item/{item-id}/feedback/{feedback-type}Get item feedback

Caching APIs

Get matched items.

GET/latestGet the latest items
GET/popularGet recent popular items
GET/neighbors/{item-id}Get similar items
GET/cf/{user-id}Get collaborative filtering recommended items

Recommendation APIs

Online recommendations are generated by the server node in real-time.

GET/recommend/{user-id}Online recommendations